Kit Contents


Each installation includes multiple 1200w micro-inverters. This ensures your system operates at its highest capacity even when some panels are shaded.


Simply Solar uses the same high quality 320 watt solar panels installed by the pros. These panels are rated for decades of power delivery. And the black on black look is sick!


Light weight and high quality racking is key to a good install. Our flexible racking adapts to any design and the black powder coat pairs well with the all black panels.


Wiring your system involves connecting each panel to the micro-inverts, connecting the inverters to the junction box and to the breaker panel.

Installation Guides

We don’t leave you alone to figure it out. You probably could figure it out but we want to ensure you have all of the information you need. You can refer to our written guide or watch our videos.


You can contact us at any point in the process for help and advice. It’s important to us that your install goes well, so let us help.